Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care


Culture, Family, and Community • Joyceen S. Boyle, Martha B. Baird, and John W. Collins

Key Terms Acculturation

Pandemic Public health nursing Refugees Social determinants of health Subcultures Traditional health beliefs and practices Vulnerable populations

COVID-19 Cultural assessment Cultural knowledge Cultural sensitivity Culturally competent care Disaster preparedness Emergency response plans Immigrants Integration Medically underserved

Aggregates Assimilation Asylees

Community-based nursing Community-based setting Community health nursing

Community nursing Community settings

Learning Objectives 1. Use cultural concepts to provide transcultural nursing care to families, communities, and aggregates. 2. Understand the necessary components of a cultural assessment of an aggregate group. See Appendix B. 3. Explore interactions of community and culture as they relate to concepts of community-based nursing practice and specialized community interventions. 4. Analyze how cultural factors influence health and illness of groups as well as social equity.

5. Assess factors that influence the health of diverse groups within the community. 6. Evaluate potential health problems and solutions in refugee and immigrant populations. 7. Identify interventions that are culturally sensitive and relevant to address health concerns of refugee and immigrant populations. 8. Analyze various strategies for emergency and disaster planning in community settings. Copyright © 2023 Wolters Kluwer, Inc. Unauthorized reproduction of the content is prohibited.


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