The Ophthalmic Office Procedures Handbook


Contributors vi Acknowledgments x Preface xi Section 1 History and Medicolegal Matters 1 1 History of Ophthalmic Office-Based Procedures 2 Douglas K. Penisten 2 Procedures, Liability, and the Doctrine of Informed Consent 4 Richard E. Castillo Section 2 Office Procedures Fundamentals 11 3 Surgical Anatomy of the Eyelids and Periorbita 12 Richard E. Castillo 4 Equipment, Instrument Selection, and Setup 29 Richard E. Castillo 5 Local Anesthesia of the Eyelids and Periorbita 45 Richard E. Castillo 6 Surgical Pathology: A Visual Guide 62 Richard E. Castillo Section 3 Lids, Lashes, and Adnexa 111 7 Eyelid Biopsy 112 Scott C. Sigler 8 Radiofrequency for Lesion Removal, Trichiasis Ablation, and Punctal Occlusion 129 Nate Lighthizer, Komal Patel, Cole Sutherland, & Matthew Bills

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