The Ophthalmic Office Procedures Handbook



with you, the reader. This is accomplished by having The Ophthalmic Office Procedures Hand book as both a soft cover text and eBook. The eBook contains all the material found in the soft cover text with an extensive collection of procedural and surgical videos. As a bonus, we have included several chapters covering the fundamentals of performing any procedure or surgery. These include periorbital and ocular anatomy, essential instrumentation, anesthesia require ments, and surgical pathology. In addition, The Ophthalmic Office Procedures Handbook is a welcome complementary companion text to The Ophthalmic Laser Handbook (ISBN: 978-19-75170-17-2) and its Spanish-language edition (ISBN: 978-84-18892-20-2). These handbooks cover the complete and essential surgical and laser spectrum that every eye care practitioner needs to know. Leonid Skorin, Jr

Nate Lighthizer Selina R. McGee Richard E. Castillo Karl Stonecipher

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