Neuroanatomy Atlas in Clinical Context

spinal cord, spinal trigeminal, cuneate, gracile, facial, inferior olivary, and parabrachial nuclei, and to the reticular formation, but does not project to the ciliary ganglion.

any applicable new or modified terms into this book. In addition, the well-reasoned modification in the Edinger–Westphal terminology that reflects its functional characteristics is also adapted for this Atlas (Kozicz et al., 2011). The Edinger–Westphal complex consists of an Edinger–Westphal preganglionic nucleus (EWpg) that projects specifi cally to the ciliary ganglion and an Edinger–Westphal centrally project ing nucleus (EWcp) that projects to a variety of targets including the

Duane E. Haines Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mary Alissa Willis Jackson, Mississippi


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