Atlas of Forensic Pathology


Completing this book was only made possible by what others have done for me through the many years. I would like to thank them for their direct and indirect contributions to my ability to write this book. To my mom and dad, Bill and Agnes Kemp, for always supporting my love of reading and education To Mr. Reckin, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Funk, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Chalgren, Ms. Goyen, Mr. Cook, Ms. Gelardin, Mrs. Bland, and Mr. Hilderman for teaching me science, math, and English so that I could succeed in college To Dr. Addis, Father Harrington, Dr. Christianson, Dr. Westwell, and Mr. Bugni, for giving me the background to succeed in medical school To my medical school classmate Dr. Tom Nicholas, for convincing me to watch an autopsy To Dr. Dennis Burns, for being the best mentor in autopsy pathology (and neuropathol ogy) that a resident could ever ask for, and teaching me how to educate students To Dr. Jeffrey J. Barnard, for being the best mentor in forensic pathology that a resident and fellow could ever ask for, for teaching me how to handle the challenges innate to this field, for always promoting a learning environment, and for helping me with this book To Drs. Prahlow, Dolinak, Guileyardo, McClain, Spotswood, Townsend-Parchman, Urban, Salzberger, Turner, and Cohle, for teaching me forensic pathology To Drs. Weinberg, Rogers, Timmons, and Margraf, for teaching me pediatric pathology and To Drs. White, Bigio, and Rushing, for teaching me neuropathology To Dr. Schneider, for starting me on my teaching career and To Dr. Hesser, for asking me to teach the summer pathology course for medical students, and for giving me the motiva tion to develop my teaching interests To Bev Shackelford, for the copy of Richard Lederer’s Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lay , which greatly promoted my interest in better writing To Susan Kelly, for teaching me how to edit my own work, for teaching me how to read my own work as the reader and not as the writer, and for sticking with me as I learned the process To Dr. Gary Dale, for teaching me how to practice forensic pathology in a rural environ ment and in a coroner system, and for being a great work partner To Jerry Crego, Mickey Nelson, Dan Yonkin, and Richard Sine, for helping me write the coroner manual, for helping me fine-tune the coroner manual, and for teaching me a few things along the way To Drs. McKeown and Skelton, for teaching me anthropology, and To Dr. Graham, for teaching me statistics and pushing my academic limits for one last time To Dr. J. Bruce Beckwith, for teaching me pediatric pathology, and for teaching me that even the giants in medicine can still go by their first name To Dr. Sens, for accepting my application to join the faculty at UND-SMHS, which gave me the chance to teach 2nd year medical students again and To Dr. Koponen, for being a great work partner at UND To Dr. Rhome Hughes, for joining me at UND, for sharing our passion for teaching medical students, and for helping me with this book To Dr. Christina Arnold, for asking me to write this book, and having faith in my abilities to produce a worthwhile forensic pathology atlas and To Drs. Elizabeth Montgomery and Dora Lam-Himlin, for agreeing with Dr. Arnold that this book would be a worthy addition to the series. To Nicole Dernoski and Wolters-Kluwer, for accepting my proposal to write this book

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