Atlas of Forensic Pathology


A Pattern-Based Approach Atlas of F orensic P athology

Walter L. Kemp, MD, PhD Rhome L. Hughes, MS, MD Jeffrey J. Barnard, MD

C losely mirroring the daily sign-out process, Atlas of Forensic Pathology: A Pattern-Based Approach by Dr. Walter L. Kemp (Montana State Medical Examiner), Dr. Rhome L. Hughes, and Dr. Jeffrey J. Barnard (Dallas County Chief Medical Examiner) provides a highly illustrated succinct “day-to-day” educational guide to the interpretation of patterns of findings at forensic autopsy to best allow for an accurate determination of cause and manner of death. The format of the book will also guide a pathologist in how to identify pertinent information (i.e., how to search for the patterns) and assemble a thorough and streamlined autopsy report. • Nearly 1,400 high-quality photos from the authors’ extensive collection focus on the range of forensic autopsy findings and their interpretation. Images are captioned with diagnostic considerations, including call-outs regarding diagnostic clues. • Primarily organized by either cause or circumstances of death , this reference also includes helpful chapters on death investigation, death certification, special dissections, and other special topics related to forensic pathology. • Practical tools throughout the text include: • Checklists for key elements of the autopsy in various circumstances • “Pearls and Pitfalls” and “Near Misses” sections with lessons from real life sign-out experience • “Frequently Asked Questions” sections that discuss common dilemmas in the determination of cause and manner of death • “Sample Note” sections that provide examples of how to organize an autopsy report and suggestions for wording of cause of death • Comprehensive quiz provides experience with high-yield, board-style teaching topics Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience ■ Read directly on your preferred device(s) , such as computer, tablet, or smartphone. ■ Easily convert to audiobook , powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.

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