Atlas of Forensic Pathology



MACERATION OF THE THYROID CARTILAGE 6 WHEN PERFORMED Maceration of the thyroid cartilage can be performed in strangulation cases, or in cases that are suspicious for strangulation, to allow for better examination of the neck structures and assess for subtle fractures.

HOW PERFORMED The soft tissue can be macerated with bleach or a powdered laundry detergent. 6

EN BLOC REMOVAL OF FEMALE GENITALIA AND/OR ANUS (INCLUDING THE MALE ANUS) WHEN PERFORMED To fully evaluate deaths in which sexual trauma may have occurred, the female genitalia and/or anus can be removed en bloc. HOW PERFORMED Deep incisions dorsal, ventral, and lateral of the vaginal and/or anal orifice followed by transection of the deep tissue allows the female genitalia and/or anus to be removed in one large block and subsequently opened for examination (Figure 31.12A-C).



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Figure 31.12. Removal of the anus and/or female genital tract. ( A ) is the opened anus block removed from a male to better document injuries. Figures 31.12b-c illustrate removal of the female genital tract, both before ( B ) and after ( C ) opening the specimen.

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