Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care


We are very pleased to acknowledge the sup port and good wishes of our friends, families, and colleagues in making the ninth edition of Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care possible. It has been a long journey since several of us sat around a conference table as doctoral students and decided to publish a textbook about trans cultural nursing. We appreciate the help of many nursing faculty members, practitioners, and our students who have offered helpful comments and suggestions. It has been very gratifying to call on new colleagues for help and advice in this addi tion, including writing new or different chapters for us. We want to acknowledge our colleague and dear friend, Dr. Margaret M. Andrews, who, although not actively involved in this edition, was happy to provide advice and counsel from afar. We would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank Phoebe Jordan-Reilly, Developmental Editor at Wolters Kluwer, for her insightful, con structive, and helpful recommendations. We are most appreciative of the time she spent reviewing and re-reviewing the chapters and appendices. We also thank Susan Hartman, Senior Editor at Wolters Kluwer for her professionalism and inter est and help throughout this project. There were numerous others at Wolters Kluwer who were very active behind the scenes and helped to bring this text to publication. We thank all of them.

We deeply appreciate all of friends and profes sional colleagues who wrote encouraging e-mails and texts, or phoned to express their interest and encouragement. We thank those members of the Transcultural Nursing Society who came to our discussion sessions at the annual conferences to tell us how they used our textbook and expressed interest and encouragement. We thank those many unknown colleagues who purchased and used our book. We especially thank our students over the years, several of whom have participated in the various editions of this textbook. With this ninth edition, we are pleased to acknowledge our chapter authors who have been an integral part of this project. The profession and practice of nursing is changing rapidly, and we appreciate their professional expertise and clinical skills. We believe that transcultural nurs ing—nursing care that is culturally competent and consistent with the cultural beliefs and prac tices of clients from diverse backgrounds—will provide the knowledge and clinical skills to meet the healthcare challenges of the future. Joyceen S. Boyle, PhD, RN, FTNSS, FAAN John W. Collins, PhD, RN, FTNSS Patti Ludwig-Beymer, PhD, RN, FTNSS, FAAN Margaret M. Andrews, PhD, RN, FTNSS, FAAN

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