Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care



that can be used in class activities or group assignments. ●● Assignments and Discussion Topics help you enhance your lessons and assignments by structuring student learning and evalu ating understanding. Resources for Students An exciting set of resources is available on to help students review material and become even more familiar with vital concepts. Students can access all these resources at Andrews9e using the codes printed in the front of their text. ●● Online Student Review Questions help students master important concepts and practice for exams. ●● Journal Articles corresponding to book chapters offer access to current research available in Wolters Kluwer journals. Lippincott® CoursePoint The same trusted solution, innovation, and unmatched support that you have come to expect from Lippincott CoursePoint is now enhanced with more engaging learning tools and deeper analytics to help prepare students for practice. This power fully integrated, digital learning solution combines learning tools, real-time data, and the most trusted nursing education content on the market to make curriculum-wide learning more efficient and to meet students where they’re at in their learning. And now, it’s easier than ever for instructors and students to use, giving them everything they need for course and curriculum success! Lippincott CoursePoint includes the following: ●● Engaging course content provides a variety of learning tools to engage students of all learning styles. ●● Interactive learning activities help students learn the critical thinking and clinical judg ment skills needed to help them become practice-ready nurses.

●● Unparalleled reporting provides in-depth dashboards with several data points to track student progress and help identify strengths and weaknesses. ●● Unmatched support includes training coaches, product trainers, and nursing ed ucation consultants to help educators and students implement CoursePoint with ease. Building Clinical Judgment Skills Nursing students are required to obtain nurs ing knowledge and apply foundational nursing processes to practice effective clinical judgment. Being able to apply clinical judgment in practice is critical for patient safety and optimizing out comes. The content provided in this text includes features, such as Case Studies, Evidence-Based Practice Boxes, Critical Thinking Activities, and Review Questions, that strengthen stu dents’ clinical judgment skills by giving them opportunities to apply knowledge and practice critical thinking. Additionally, accompanying products CoursePoint and Lippincott NCLEX- RN PassPoint provide an adaptive experience that allows students to build confidence by answering questions like those found on the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) examination. Inclusive Language A note about the language used in this book: Wolters Kluwer recognizes that people have a diverse range of identities, and we are commit ted to using inclusive and nonbiased language in our content. In line with the principles of nurs ing, we strive not to define people by their diag noses, but to recognize their personhood first and foremost, using as much as possible the lan guage diverse groups use to define themselves, and including only information that is relevant to nursing care. We strive to better address the unique per spectives, complex challenges, and lived expe riences of diverse populations traditionally underrepresented in health literature. When

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