The COVID-19 Textbook


Our sincere thanks to all of our contributors. Each one brought dedicated expertise and a rigorous analysis of current and emerging research to their chapters. We would like to thank ACCESS Health International for their support of this project, in particular Courtney Biggs, communications direc tor, who assisted in the editorial coordination of this book. In addition, we would like to extend our gratitude to the Massachusetts Consortium on Patho gen Readiness for being such an informative and inspiring brainstorming venue that allowed the fruition, implementation, and sharing of ideas, initiatives, and resources. We would also like to thank the patients who contributed to acquiring knowledge and running clinical trials globally. Finally, we would like to thank Wolters Kluwer and the editorial team who made this important book possible, including Acquisition Editor Chris Teja, Development Editor Ariel Winter, and Edi torial Coordinator Venugopal Loganathan. Dr. William Haseltine would like to thank his wife Maria Eugenia, children Mara, Alexander, Karina, Manuela, and Camila, and his three grandchildren, Pedro, Enrique, and Carlos, for their ongoing support. Dr. Roberto Patarca dedicates this work to his wife Carole Ann, children Alexander, David, and Emily, and grandchildren Willow and Bodie.

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