332 Section III • Treatment of Stuttering

contains many excellent ideas for direct work on stuttering. Many case examples are given. e authors are both world-renowned stuttering therapists. Zebrowski, P, Anderson, J., & Conture, E. (2022). Stuttering and related disorders of uency , (4th ed.). ieme. As I indicated when I cited this book in earlier chapters, this fourth edition of a classic text originally edited by Richard Curlee

in 1999 is replete with detailed chapters on the nature, diagnosis, and treatment of stuttering. More than 40 experts from all over the world have written a total 17 chapters with the latest informa tion on stuttering, cluttering, as well as both acquired neurogenic stuttering and acquired functional (formerly called “psychogenic”) stuttering. Students, clinicians, and clinical scientists will bene t from studying this all-encompassing volume of new information and recent perspectives on stuttering.

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