Renal Pathophysiology


In this sixth edition of Renal Pathophysiology: The Essentials , we have main tained the general principles that guided us in the design and approach of the last five editions of the book. Over these last years, we have received many comments and suggestions not only from our second year medical students but also from house staff, nephrology fellows, and colleagues; we are most grateful for their feedback and encouraging words. As a consequence of these suggestions, we have included additional case studies and thought-provoking questions throughout the text. We have continued to expand the sections on molecular aspects of the mechanisms that result in kidney dysfunction and the morphologic expression of the major diseases that affect the kidney; the illustrations are in full color and inserted into the text. There are also supple mental self-examination questions that permit application of key concepts to clinical cases and to develop more nuanced understanding. However, the core and the principal aim of this book remain unchanged: to provide the student with a solid understanding of the mechanisms that result in kidney dysfunction and disease and to serve as the basic reading material and text for a course in kidney pathophysiology. HGR and BMD

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