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Transforming the way you carry out research and practice. The Health Division of Wolters Kluwer is a leading global provider of medical information and point of care solutions for the healthcare industry. Our solutions are designed to help professionals build clinical competency and improve practice so that healthcare organizations can succeed in value-based care delivery models. We offer premier medical, nursing and allied health content; clinical decision support tools; drug information and patient surveillance; structured documentation and coding; healthcare terminology, data management and systems interoperability solutions; precision medical research tools; and continuing medical education solutions. Technology Innovative Search Tools fromOvid ®

Trusted medical resources in a complete research solution. For more than 20 years, innovation has defined Ovid’s past and future. Our inspiration comes from the constant market and technology changes that create new opportunities to improve researcher’s workflow. Ovid’s flagship research platform is the leading choice globally among clinicians, researchers, educators and students in the medical, scientific and academic fields. Ovid delivers a repository of thousands of full text and database resources in a single integrated solution. Ovid provides you with customisable solutions of high quality content fully integrated with best-in-class technology tools that enhance search precision and speed workflow, maximising research productivity. Including award-winning support and training services that help manage costs and resources - all in one place.

Trust Ovid: • Premium peer-reviewed content from international, medical, scientific and academic content producers • Current non-embargoed content. • Comprehensive access to the world’s latest medical research with open access content .

Key subject areas include: • Agriculture & Food Sciences • Bioengineering & Biotechnology • Clinical Medicine • Dentistry • Evidence-Based Practice • Neurology & Neurosciences • • • • •

Nursing & Allied Health Obsterics & Gynecology

• • • • • •

Psychology & Psychiatry Social Sciences & the Humanities



Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Technical Sciences Transplantation

Pain Management & Anesthesia Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Veterinary & Animal Sciences

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