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LWW Learning Resources

LWW Health Library Online Portal to Clinical and Educational Content, Plus Videos, Image, Case Studies and Quiz banks for Teaching, Learning, and Practice LWW Health Library delivers trusted health science education and clinical content directly to students, faculty, residents and staff through a single portal – complete with interactivity and multimedia ancillaries. In addition to medical schools and hospitals, these resources are a must-have for related educational and residency programs including surgical services, physical therapy, osteopathic medicine and pharmaceutical science.

By providing online access to essentials texts, procedure videos, real- life case studies and quiz banks, you will feel assured to have the resources you need to effectively support your students and residents

LWW Health Library

foundational learning and clinical practice. LWW Health Library Collections available:

• Oncology • Physical Therapy Speech, Language, and Hearing • Occupational Therapy • Anesthesiology • Medical Education • Orthopedic Medicine • Surgery

• Emergency Medicine • Physical Therapy • Osteopathic Medicine • Clerkship/Clinical Rotations • Physician Assistant • Pharmacy


5-Minute Consult Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support Tool or Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

5-Minute Consult, a leading point-of-care solution, offers online access to synthesized, clinical content and tools that will enable healthcare providers to make quick and informed decisions at the patient’s bedside. Based off the best-selling clinical content in family medicine for over 20 years, this portal is the fastest way to obtain the most likely diagnosis, treatment and management of thousands of diseases. Now this trusted guide for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and residents is accessible online for decision support.

5-Minute Consult


Stedman’s Online The Definitive Resource for Medical Terminology

For more than 100 years, Stedman’s has been defining medicine for healthcare professionals. Stedman’s Online offers users online access to the most complete resource of medical terms, definitions, abbreviations and symbols. By offering this resource to your healthcare staff, you will be able to standardize record processing and comply with healthcare regulations – helping to increase the accuracy of documentation, limit errors, improve patient safety and ensure quality of care. In addition to healthcare academic and clinical settings, Stedman’s would be a valuable reference for insurance companies and law firms investigating insurance claims and malpractice lawsuits.

Stedman’s Online


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