Nelson Systematic Reviews to Answer Healthcare, Questions, 2e


A t a time when facts and evidence are often maligned, ignored, or misrepresented, the rigor ous pursuit of truth continues to be a principle and driving force in science and medicine. While the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the world, scientists rapidly mobilized efforts to under stand the virus, its epidemiology and health effects, and how to prevent and treat infections and their complications. Among them emerged several international collaborations creating living systematic reviews that required continual updating and ongoing surveillance of emerg ing research evidence. This commitment to finding truth in midst of confusion is a hallmark of systematic review science. This book draws from the collective knowledge of systematic review scientists internation ally and first-hand experiences of the contributing authors of the first and second editions. We have had tremendous opportunities to contribute to the emerging field of systematic review and actively participate in the historic shift to evidence-based health care. I acknowledge all the truth finders in the field, particularly those who have journeyed with me and contributed to this book.

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