Master Tech Ortho Surgery Elbow CH1


PART I Exposures

Indication Fracture and revision of the ulnar component. Position The patient is prone with forearm across the chest. Landmarks Tip of olecranon, subcutaneous border of ulna, and ulnar styloid. Skin Incision A straight incision from the medial or lateral aspects of the olecranon or originating directly over the olecranon proceeds distally to the ulnar styloid, as needed (Fig. 1C-22).


Technique ●● The subcutaneous border of the ulna is easily palpated (Fig. 1C-23). ●● Elevating the anconeus and the extensor carpi ulnaris muscles allows exposure of the radial side of the ulna (Fig. 1C-24). ●● The flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor digitorum profundus muscles attach to the medial aspect of the ulna and are freed subperiosteally (Fig. 1C-25). ●● The dissection extends distally as far as is needed (Fig. 1C-26).


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