Master Tech Ortho Surgery Elbow CH1


PART I Exposures

●● After the triceps muscle has been elevated laterally and the humeral attachment of the anco- neus has been released, the extensor release is retracted to expose the triceps attachment (Fig. 1B-35). ●● The medial triceps attachment is sharply reflected from the tip of the olecranon (Fig. 1B-36). ●● The reflection continues until the entire extensor mechanism, including anconeus, can be flipped on itself (Fig. 1B-37), thus externally rotating the ulna off the humerus (Fig. 1B-38). ●● Flexing the elbow and retraction of the triceps rotate the ulna and expose the articular surface and the humerus (Fig. 1B-39).


FIGURE 1B-36 The triceps is released from the tip of the olecranon.

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