Master Tech Ortho Surgery Elbow CH1


PART I Exposures

●● Proceed as shown in Figure 1B-31A and B completely elevating the anconeus from the ulna and releasing from its humeral attachment. ●● At this point, the lateral collateral ligament is released from the humerus (Fig. 1B-32). ●● The triceps is easily elevated from the posterior humerus in the normal situation, and even in posttraumatic contractures, it can be elevated with a periosteal elevator without much additional difficulty (Fig. 1B-33). ●● A varus supinatory stress is applied to the elbow, which then opens like a book hinging on the medial ulnar collateral ligament and common flexor muscles (Fig. 1B-34). The triceps remains attached to the ulna. Inspect the ulnar nerve to be sure it is not being compressed. If it is, release it from the cubital tunnel.

Joint capsule

Triceps muscle


Anconeus muscle



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