Hensley's Practical Approach to Cardiothoracic Anesthesia


T he seventh edition of Hensley’s Practical Approach to Cardiothoracic Anesthesia is aimed at preserving a trusted source of practical education for all those engaged in the practice of cardiothoracic anesthesia. In recognition of the foundational work put forth by the book’s longtime past editors, Glenn Gravlee and the late Frederick Hensley, the editors of the seventh edition would like to express their gratitude for the opportunity to adapt the book’s content to the constant evolution in the field. To ensure diverse and up-to-date perspectives, Karsten Bartels and Andrew D. Shaw welcome three new editors to the editorial team: Amanda A. Fox, Kimberly Howard-Quijano, and Robert H. Thiele. The new editors are leaders in the field and bring additional expertise in perioperative organ injury, electrophysiology, monitoring, and clinical outcomes to the seventh edition. We are especially grateful to the returning and new chapter authors of this new edition. While they updated some of the existing content, more than half of the chapters in the seventh edition are completely new or rewritten. We also want to highlight the international perspective of the new edition, with authors from three continents describing cutting-edge approaches to cardiothoracic anesthesia. With the ever-growing need to shepherd increasingly ill patients through high-fidelity cardiothoracic surgi cal procedures, we are hopeful that this book will provide practical and evidence-based information to learn ers and experienced clinicians alike. Karsten Bartels, MD, PhD, MBA Amanda A. Fox, MD, MPH Andrew D. Shaw, MB, FRCA, FFICM Kimberly Howard-Quijano, MD, MS, FASE Robert H. Thiele, MD, MBA

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