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The Journal Impact Factor

An Impact Factor is calculated yearly and published in the Clarivate Analytics’ Journal Citations Reports. The Journal Citation Reports provides scores for journals in the areas of science, technology, and social sciences. What, exactly, makes a journal eligible for an Impact Factor? Fundamental Publishing Standards Timeliness Editorial Content International Diversity Citation Data How is a score calculated? Impact Factors are calculated by citations of “recent items.” A recent item is an article published in the previous two years. The total number of recent items is then divided by the total number of citations for the year in question. Example: Journal X is in an impact factor 2017. After the criteria has been established, the score will then be calculated using this formula: u v w x y 68 The percent of authors who identified Impact Factor as the primary reason for submitting their work Wolters Kluwer Author Survey, 2017

Total citations in 2017 of items published in:

Number of items published in:

2016 Volume = 770 total citations 2016 Volume = 195 articles 2015 Volume = 750 total citations 2015 Volume = 228 articles Total citations / Total articles published = Impact Factor Therefore, 1520 citations/423 articles would yield an Impact Factor of 3.59.

Source: Testa J. Journal Selection Process. Clarivate. http://clarivate.com/essays/journal-selection-process



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